iPhone 5S Vs iPhone 6 Comparison

Apple Fan Site takes a look at all the features of both the iPhone 5S Vs iPhone 6 with an in-depth Comparison that will help you decide which one to buy between now and Christmas. […]

Apple Announce iPhone 5S In-Store Replacement Service

Apple have announced they will begin replacing damaged or broken iPhone 5S screens on August 4 with their in-store replacement service. Apple currently have the technology to replace most screens on iPhones while […]

Which Will you buy? iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S?

With two new iPhone’s coming out later this month, we ask, which will you buy… the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 5c? Apple’s new ‘forward thinking’ has left many customers scratching their heads […]

iPhone Range Top In Agawi Screen Performance Tests

The iPhone has scored top marks on a screen performance test which show it to be up to 2x more responsive than its windows and android phone counterparts. Researchers from cloud-streaming platform Agawi […]

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