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iPhone 5S Expected To Launch In June / July

iPhone 5S Expected To Launch In 06e / 07y

It is that time of year again when all the iPhone rumours start appearing. Earlier this week we reported on the report published by The Wall Street Journal which said that Apple has cut orders for parts of the iPhone 5 and maybe because Apple are already getting ready to manufacture the iPhone 5s for a June / July launch.

Analyst ,Peter Misek has recently spoke out about the next generation iPhone suggesting that Apple will start manufacturing the iPhone 5s in March with a release date in June or July

“As word of the earlier production schedule starts to spread, we believe we could see a slight slowing of demand CQ1 in anticipation of the new product launch and Apple will likely start curtailing channel inventory,” Misek said in a recent note. “Therefore we tweak down our CQ1 iPhone shipment estimate from 48M to 44M, which is still well above widespread fears of shipments in the mid-30Ms.”

This is as expected because as the next spreads and the iPhone 5 becomes a few months old the more and more people starting asking the famous question ” Should I just wait for the iPhone 5s ?”

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