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iPhone 5S Announced At September 10th Apple Event

iPhone 5S Announced At 09tember 10th Apple Event

The official next generation of iPhone, the iPhone 5s, has been announced at apples September 10th live event in California and its the most unique iPhone that apple have ever made according to Tim cook.

The new phone will come in several colors including Gold and Space black with the usual white version also available.

The phone will be twice as fast and feature twice the battery capability with 56x graphics performance improvements than the first ever iPhone with an A7 chip included.

Phil Schiller said on stage.

“uses a key you have wherever you go. Your fingerprint. It reads your fingerprint.. Touch ID capacitative sensor. 500ppi resolution. 170 microns thin. Scans sub-epidermal skin layers. 360-degree readability.”

“And they put it right into the home button.. it now includes the Touch ID sensor in a ring around it. It knows that you’re there.” A sapphire lens over the top.

“Touch ID has been built deeply into iOS 7. You can simply touch the home button to unlock your phone.”

One of the major things that was expected with the new iPhone 5S was the ability to unlock the phone with your finger via the fingerprint scanner under the homepage and this has now been confirmed by Tim cook and the apple team on stage.

Touch ID, which it has been called, will read your fingerprint and then store it in the phones A7 processor for future use and only your thumbprint will unlock the phone.


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