iPhone 5S & 5C First Impressions

Will you buy the colorful iPhone 5C?

With the big A’s new flagship iPhones having been unleashed to the public yesterday (Friday 20th September), I decided to take to the streets of Exeter and raid my not so local Apple […]

iPhone 5S Mute Button And Camera Leaked

Here we go again, more leaks about Apple’s next generation phone, the iPhone 5s (or cheaper iPhone, no-one knows). For those of you who want an upgrade or are still clinging onto your […]

Which Will you buy? iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S?

With two new iPhone’s coming out later this month, we ask, which will you buy… the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 5c? Apple’s new ‘forward thinking’ has left many customers scratching their heads […]

New iPhone 5 Front Panel Leaked

So far the start of the week has been great for Apple news!  But take a look at this folks, this picture surfaced on the internet today revealing what apple may have in-store […]

Build Your Own LEGO iPhone 5 Charging Dock


With Apple changing the iPhone 5 connector to the lighting port you are now most likely left with out a charging dock and still a couple of months after the release there still […]

What Happens When We Blowtorch An iPhone

I have been waiting for this day for quite some time. I took a blowtorch to a working iPhone 2g 16GB. This was the final episode for my web series Blowtorch VS …. . […]

iPhone 5 Smuggled out of Factory?

iphone Smuggled out of Factory?

Its being reported tonight that an iPhone 5 has been smuggled out of an Apple factory tonight!  A chinease case manufacturer claims to have obtained a real working iPhone 5 device! The phone […]

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