Steve Jobs Steps Down as CEO at Apple –

Some unbelievable news come out of Cupertino, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has stepped down naming Tim Cook as his replacement. Apple said “Steve’s extraordinary vision and leadership saved Apple and guided it to […]

White & Black iPhone 5 Parts Leaked

A lot  more iPhone 5 parts seem to be leaking into the wild recently . MacPost spotted two new claimed iPhone 5 parts from different online suppliers. The new iPhone 5 parts include a […]

More iPhone 5 Parts Apear on the market

One of our readers sent us a link to this iPhone 5 replacement part on the market now. It claims to be a Original Camera Lens Replacement for iPhone 5 Features Good quality and […]

iPhone 5 could start selling in russia in november

A RBC Daily story claims that Apple could begin selling iPhone 5 in Russia this November, “almost immediately” after sales begin in the US. The Russian newspaper’s story is sourced from unnamed handset retailers. Bloomberg notes: Russian cellphone […]

More iPhone 5 Photos Released

More rumoured unreleased iPhone photos have unearthed in the Mac Rumours Forum. We have seen many photos already leading up to a rumoured Apple product release of the iPhone 5. The picture is rumoured to […]