Preorder your iPhone 4s Now –

Apple announced earlier this week that the new iPhone 4s would be available to pre order today the 7th October rumours had been suggested for pre-orders to open at 8:01am UK Time but […]

Our iPhone 4s Predictions vs Facts –

With the iPhone 4s now announced and Apples “Lets Talk iPhone” Event well over. We found our selfs not very surprised in what was announced . So we went back to our predictions […]

Something Apple Forget at Keynotes –

Apple forgot to announce the iPhone Micro USB Adaptor , The new device costs ?8 in  Apple’s UK online store. The new device will allow you to charge you i Devices up with Micro […]

Watch Apple "Lets Talk iPhone" Video Now –

Apple have just uploaded the full length video to there website in which you can watch everything that happened in todays keynotes from iPhone 4s to Siri Enjoy Watch Here