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iPhone 5: Incipio NGP & OVRMLD Cases

Incipio has a wide selection of case series that gives customers different features and degree of protection plus a catalog full of accessories to accompany these cases. Of their list of cases I have for you four of them that include the NGP, OVRMLD, Edge PRO, & Stashback. Today I will be showing you the Incipio NGP & OVRMLD and giving you my experience.

The cases are pretty similar. For example the cutouts for the camera, mute toggle, ports (charging & headphone jack), and speakers are exactly the same and are spot on causing zero obstruction. The thickness makes it a bit difficult to easy active/deactivate the mute toggle. I had no issues with using third party chargers or headphones as the cutouts are large enough to use all of my current accessories (cables & headphones).

NGP Case:

NGP is a soft shell case that is flexible but yet a little tough. It is a solid one piece case that is tear resistant. It is excellent for shock absorption but at a reasonable drop and damage. The physical buttons are covered by material but are flexible enough to still push down. The indention for the buttons are definitive so they are easy to locate.

Branding is kept to a minimum which is perfect because it keeps the case simple. The Incipio branding is located at the left edge of the device. My favorite part of the case is the smooth matte finish that looks elegant and can take some damage. If scratches or dings occur on the case the majority of them can be simply rubbed away. The thickness is enough to add a lip to the front of the device that creates a barrier if placed screen first on a smooth surface.

The case’s matte finish makes it easy to handle the device and is not slippery. I really like the feel and sturdy fit as it keeps the design of the iPhone 5. If you are looking for the simplistic look you have to consider this case as I believe it is way better than a generic silicone case.


OVRMLD is a case series that caught me off guard. I read that it was a flexible hard-shell case and I was not sure what to expect. It was being a wild card to one of my favorite cases. It is a very tough case making it difficult to apply on the iPhone & take off. The fit it perfect and very snug providing great protection. The case is constructed of a rigid plextonium shell that is infused with a NGP impact resistant core.

When I hear hard shell I automatically thing glossy & stiff case but this is the complete opposite. The case is soft to the touch that is scratch resistant allowing for great protection. Like the NGP this thickness as a barrier to the front of the screen but it more dominant on the OVRMLD.

If you are looking for more protection this is the one you have to get. It is tougher & thicker providing more protection for harsher situations.

I had a great experience with both cases. They provide protection at different levels to give the best experience for those that know what they are looking for. The NGP retail price goes for $19.99 which I believe is a great price. Luckily for us they are on sale for ~$10 on Amazon. At that price I would recommend purchasing two of these cases in different colors. The OVRMLD case retail price goes for $34.99 but is on sale for ~$17 on Amazon. Now that is an amazing price but it may vary depending on the color. To make these cases even sweeter they each come with a screen protector that adds another layer of protection on your iPhone 5. After all this the only questions you should have is which case do you want and in what color.

SourcesIncipio NGP
Incipio OVRMLD

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The OVRMLD Case a solid fit providing really good protection. It is not that flashy but it does has a nice design. Overall good experience with the OVRMLD Case.

The NGP Case was a shocker for me. It was simple but really impressed me. It was nicely designed, added enough thickness to make holding the device easier, and stayed true the original phone design. Sale price is great and I recommend for those that are looking for little protection and good value. I rate this case a 7.5/10 with overall Good rating.

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