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iPhone 5: Incipio Edge Pro & Stashback Case

I released my first installment of Incipio’s cases that consisted of the NGP & OVRMLD cases just recently. If for some reason those did not catch your eye then maybe these will. Today I have for you the Incipio Stashback & the Edge Pro both of which provide complete different experiences with style.

Stashback Case:

Incipio’s Stashback case is their version of the credit card case that you see entering the market. It is designed to hold up to 3 credit cards or ID’s. I have seen this been implemented in many different ways but this one is a new for me. The design is interesting since the back of the case is noticeably bulkier to that when you side in your iPhone it creates a compartment with the empty leftover space. The Stashback flips open from the bottom to gain access to the leftover space creating a wallet storage. It is the perfect dimensions for your standard credit card & government ID.

Accessing the wallet does not feel nature and you will need both hands to get to it. Once open I did find it easy to take out the cards and slide them back in. The limit to three cards is a bit tough for many since I have 2 identification cards, a rewards card, a bank card, and two credit cards all of which I need to have with me at all times. It is tough having to condense down to three cards but most of the times it is possible.

The case consists of two layers that are fused together which are rigid plextonium frame & NGP soft shell core. The plextonium frame is the largest visible material with a glossy finish that looks great. NGP material is used to cover the physical buttons. I found that the NGP coving the power button is a bit tough making it difficult push on the power button while I had no issues using the covered volume rocker.

Incipio’s Stashback is offered in my colors and retails for $39.99 but I have seen it on sale on Amazon for ~$20. At that price it is much easier to recommend. Learn more about the Stashback by going to Incipio’s product page.

Edge Pro Case:

Edge Pro uses the same materials as many of their other cases. They use both rigid plextonium shell & NGP semi-rigid NGP soft shell core both of which are great for impact resistant. Incipio does a great job changing it up by making this a two piece that slide together perfectly. Their use of color accents with the NGP layer really makes these cases look great. It brings a new dimension of case design and color scheme.

Even though the physical buttons are covered by the same NGP material as the Stashback case it is easier to push on these buttons in comparison. Cutouts for the camera is perfect and has a black none glossy finish giving it a nice elegant look. The cutout of the mute toggle is spot on but is difficult to get to due to the thickness. Luckily you will have no worries with the ports & speakers at the bottom because it is a large cutout causing zero obstruction.

Like many of their other cases they kept branding to a minimum with a simply putting “Incipio” on the left edge of the case. The glossy finish is a bit slippery but the NGP material on the volume rocker area makes it easier to grip. The case is a solid fit that provides great protection and still keeps the original iPhone design. I did find it difficult to take off the case if you need to. It simply doesn’t unsnap the same way you initially put the case on the iPhone 5.

Incipio’s Edge Pro is retailed for $34.99 through but is on sale for ~$14 through At that price this case is a no brainer. Learn more about the Edge Pro by going to Incipio’s product page.

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Incipio Edge Pro

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I enjoyed the Edge Pro because of its design change. Even though it was create by the same materials Incipio changed it up with some unique design decisions. Also, by using different color schemes it really brought some style to these cases. Overall a great fit and nice protection.
The Stashback is a interesting idea but is poor implemented. It is nice being about to combine your physical wallet & mobile device with a case but three card limit is no enough. The protection is really good because of the materials used & thickness. I find this case to have a Fair rating with 6.6/10.
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