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iPhone 5 Coming In September ?

iPhone 5 Coming In 09tember ?

With WWDC well over and no iPhone 5 it has generated a lot of disappointment.

Instead we got iCloud,OS X Lion and IOS 5 which still brought a lot of excitement in to the apple world but recently 9to5Mac posted a report telling us that the wait may not be so long as apparently a reliable source with in apple has told them that ” The next generation iPhone has reached the final testing stage and is now being carried around by high level Apple and carrier executives.

Although this has been assumed since the no-iPhone-at-WWDC-rumors broke, the current plan is for a September launch for the next-generation iPhone.”. Some developers and hackers have searched through the IOS 5 code and think maybe that N94 & N93 maybe the code names for 2 unrealised iphones as N90 and N92 was used for the iPhone 4 GSM and iPhone 4 CDMA models.

Up to now september is looking the best bet for the release of a new iPhone. So start counting down now.

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