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iPhone 5: Case-Mate Pop! & Barely There Cases

iPhone 5: Case-Mate Pop! & Barely There Cases

Case-Mate is a well-known case manufactures that invests a lot of resources in iOS products. It is an easy decision when you have one smartphone design across all of the carriers that sell remarkably well. Their support for the iPhone has been great since for as long as I can remember. That is why it is not shocking to see such amazing case support for the iPhone 5. Today I have for you the Case-Mate Barely There & Pop! Case.

Case-Mate Barely There Case:

Case-Mate’s Barely There series has been around for awhile and have been protecting all sort of devices. It tends to be the first case series to be released by Case-Mate for new supported devices. The name suits this case well as it feels as if it is barely there.  This case is great for those that are looking for minimal protection with great quality. It is a solid snap on case that fits the iPhone 5 perfectly.

This case looking amazing on the iPhone 5. It adds little thickness and keeps the iPhone original form factor. Since this is a snap on case the top and bottom of the device are susceptible to damage since the case does not protect those areas. It does however make very easy to access the power button, charging port, and causes zero obstruction to the speakers.

The cutouts for the volume rocker & camera are large and spot on. It is easy to use the volume rocker & mute toggle. I did however feel that the cut out for the camera & flash is a bit too large. They could of made it a bit smaller unless Case-Mate as a particular reason as too why the cutout is that size.

I really enjoy this case. I love the fact it is simple and the color options are great. It feels great in the hands but in certain situations can be a little slippery. I like that Case-Mate kept the branding to a minimum with a subtle logo on the back with their name printed on the right edge of the case. Retail these cases go for $30 through Case-Mate but can be found cheaper on Amazon (roughly for $10-$20 depending on color).

Case-Mate Pop! Case:

Case-Mate Pop! Is a rugged case series they introduced for those that are looking for more protection. As the devices got bigger Case-Mate introduced the option of having a kickstand built into the Pop! Cases. This case is tough and stiff making it pretty difficult to put in on the iPhone and even more difficult taking it off. I was afraid of damaging my iPhone at first but with practice I got over it.

This case is made of two different layers that are fused together. The top layer is hard and durable with a glossy finish while the interior/edges are a softer material that is great for impact. The glossy finish can be slippery but the rugged edges double great as grip making it easy to hold.

The physical buttons are covered by the softer material but take time to get used to. Thankfully they will loosen up with time. Cutouts for the ports, camera, & mute toggle are aligned as large. Like the Barely There case I do wish the camera cutout was a bit smaller. Due to the added thickness it is a bit difficult to get to the mute toggle. Lastly, the cutout at the bottom is large as it is one huge cutout for the charging port, headphone jack, and speakers.

The case does give great protection for nearly the entire device, even the screen. Since the case comes over to the front of the iPhone the thickness basically acts as a barrier if you wish to set your device screen first on a surface. The kickstand is simple but provides a nice feature. It is great to video media but it could be better. It only locks at one viewing angle eliminating choice & feels a bit flimsy. The kickstand works in both landscape (left side only) and portrait but the best experience comes in landscape. Even though portrait works it does feel so secure in that orientation.

I like the fact that his case comes in many color options that it is likely there is a color combination for everyone. It provides decent protection and a nice feature with the kickstand. At full retail of $35 for this case is hard to justify. Luckily these cases are on sale for ~$10 through Amazon making it easy for me to recommend them to you.

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Case-Mate’s Pop! Case provides great protection while giving users an extra feature. The kickstand is handy but could have been better implemented. At the current sale price this case is very easy to recommend. Overall a really good experience as if offers everything I am looking for.

Case-Mate Barely There Case is one of my favorites but it offers little protection and no additional features. I do however love that it is simple, light weight, and comes in many colors. Like the Pop! case the current sale price make this buy a no-brainer. I give this case a 7.4/10 as a solid but good purchase especially if you are looking for a case of its stature.

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