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iPhone 5 And iPad 3 Has Been Rumored This Week

A wireless carrier in Japan performed a dismissing action of the rumor which involved them along with the California based company, Cupertino Apple . According to the rumor it was posted that the offering of the wireless carrier with Apple had agreed up on a deal which involves the latest iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 along with the evolution of the Apple devices which tends to adopt the quick technology of the Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Now there is a question to answer as to whether the users are convinced that the upcoming products of Apple which includes the iPhone 5 and the long-awaited iPad 3 will be inclusive of the technology of LTE or the parent company will adopt the policy of blowing away the rush and simply include the HSPA+ so as to provide acceleration to the battery life.

the now latest offering of the iPhone, iPhone 4S, has been famous for the battery life issue and although, an update of iOS 5.0.1 has been released, some of its users are still facing battery problems. This issue of the battery is not a result of a fiction that are developed by the tech journalists so as to gain the attention of the Internet user, but the problem was addressed by Apple in simply saying that only a nominal amount of iPhone 4S users are facing battery related problems mainly because of a bug associated to the services of the location that is being used by this smartphone.

the main issue is that the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 has a requirement of a larger battery so as to supply enough power to the LTE technology. As per the reports which were  issues in the previous month pointed out to Qualcomm’s 4G Long Term Evolution which is Gobi 4000 chips as its possible catalysts for the upcoming iDevices holding the LTE functionality.

It is very obvious that Apple will do everything it can do so as to maintain the 10 hour long battery life of its iPhones whether it gets in association with the LTE technology or not whereas, on the other hand, creating an HSPA+ iPhone along with the iPad 3 will also demand a cheaper pricing policy that might result out o generate greater revenue as compared to the plan of making a bigger iPhone 5 and the iPad 3 with the Long Term Evolution aspect.

By this way or another, the tablets based on Apple’s technology, are facing new competitors on the part of Amazon such as the latest Kindle Fire and the Android operating system of Google named as the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Within the Android systems, the LTE is not considered as a new technology from the ecosystem of the Android devices and Apple Inc. is simply trying to patch up so as to retain the leading position at least in the market of tablets.

Setting aside the issue of LTE, there are also several claims that the iPhone 5 will hit the markets in the fall season of 2012 whereas, the iPad 3 is expected to arrive in summer days.

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