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iPhone 4S Vs. 4: Does The S Mean Speed?

The element of ‘S’ in the iPhone 4S can stand for simply any element you can imagine. It can be either Steve, super or it can be because of Siri. However, if you have been using this device lately, you will certainly get to understand that the ‘S- can basically be associated with ‘speed’.

The greatest advantage of iPhone 4S over the previous model of the same lot is its processors capability which is the A5 dual-core CPU which is bought in as a replacement to the A4 single-core chip in the iPhone 4.

Any device to be considered as an effective device requires an essential element of speed within it. The reason behind this is that it takes lesser time to upload, download or using the application within the system which means that here is much time left for you to perform some other more productive activities.

In the process of deciding as to what tasks will best represent the differences within the speed of both the phones, there has been selected tasks which are of the real world, clean as well as easily operated applications. Below mentioned are the outlines of the performing aspects between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S and the two are running on the technology of iOS 5. However, the results may vary if they are being operated on any other version of iOS technology.

Testing Procedure

The iteration of every single test has been performed about three times after which the three results which are the most consistent ones are to be derived from within every test, by far they lie within the limits of 5 percent of one another after which their average result will be determined.

Booting Timings

Setting both the iPhones to a state of completely being powered off, the test also took record as to how long do it takes the two iPhones to get booted up. The timing was recorded from the time the lock option was pressed until the lock screen appears on the display.

Application Downloading And Installation Speed

Both the iPhones have been connected to a closed wireless network- an application was downloaded on them the size of which has been expected to be 940 MB. This application was obtained from the Mac App Store. After this it was noticed as to how long it took both the devices to get the app downloaded.

Filter Speed CameraBag

A picture was captured from the default app of camera within both the devices and then applied the app of CameraBag so as to apply the filter of Helga in to the image. The timings of the filter to be applied were noticed.


The results derived from the tests made between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, it came out that iPhone 4S came out to be faster as compared to the iPhone 4. Though, this might not come out as a surprise for any iPhone 4S user but, now this has been proved by some actual world tests.

Well, this was some information related to the iPhone 4S, but, I have still crossed my fingers for the upcoming iPhone 5 release as a lot more is expected from that version.

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