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iPhone 4s Camera Vs. iPhone 5 Camera

iPhone 4s Camera Vs. iPhone 5 Camera [Images]

The iPhone 5 is to include some improvements to the already amazing camera from the iPhone 4s. With the iPhone not released until Friday we have found it hard to find a comparison between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s camera but it looks like we have got the a similar picture taken with and iPhone 4s in the same location as the the one Apple showed of at the keynote which was taken with the iPhone 5.

The camera in the iPhone 5 has a new, larger image sensor but the pixel count still remains the same as the iPhone 4s (3264 x 2448). The iPhone 5 uses a 4.1mm lens compared to the 4.3mm lens in the iPhone 4s. Another feature we can see has changed by comparing the EXIF data of both photos is that the new iPhone 5 has a wide range of ISO capabilities as it automatically selected ISO 50 for the shot above while the iPhone 4s selected the lowest ISO possible ISO 64.

We will have more comparison photos and videos from the iPhone on Friday say stay tuned.

iPhone 5 Camera Crop – Click to enlarge

iPhone 4s Camera Crop – Click to enlarge

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