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iPhone 4 : Whats Missing : Buyers Regret

iPhone 4 : What's Missing : Buyer's Regret

With literally every big technology launch I’ve been hocked by I find I travel through a emotional roller coaster ride. It begins with the excitement of the launch keynote, moves to a period of questioning, research, debate and from this the seeds of an exciting build up starts to grow.

With previous iPhones the ordering process has been generally fraught with problems the 3G being a particularly horrific experience. With the iPhone 4  I found myself outside an O2 store  and apart from the feeling of shame and deep self consciousness the whole process was actually relatively slow but simple.

The iPhone 4 is a completely different user experience. The usual low grade fever of disappointment as some of the features I had dreamt about didn’t meet with expectation has been more or less completely replaced with awe. The iPhone 4 is a leap, it really can’t be classed as an upgrade but as completely new iPhone device.

The text on screen is stunning, the application icons almost sit above the surface of the glass in fact I’d say it would be very difficult to go back to the 3G. I can certainly say with confidence my usual feeling of buyers regret just isn’t there with the iPhone 4. I love it.

Gyroscopic Gaming

Tonight I have enjoyed my first experience of gaming with the new gyroscopic technology in the form of “Eliminate:Gun Range“. Not only does the game play move as you do but both the graphics and sound are stunning.

As you can see in the screenshot above I haven’t got the hang of the controls, if you have the iPhone 4 then this 59p game is definitely worth it even just to show off the gyroscope technology to your envious friends and colleagues.  Get it here.

Share your Experience

If you queued outside your local retailer or ordered online we would love to hear your experiences and initial impressions of the new iPhone. Please share them below.


Eliminate : Gun Range

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