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iPhone 3GS Launch Day

iPhone 3GS Launch Day

I was lucky enough to attend this year’s Macworld awards in London on the eve of the iPhone 3Gs. The event was exciting, packed with proud trophy weekders and entertainment it went on well into the next day. It was almost 10am before I made it to Regent St.

From a distance I could see a crowd or orange bibed security but the crowd had lapsed. In actual fact I was able to walk straight in and out with my new phone on pay as you go in minutes.launch

I asked the pleasant sales person if it had been busy and it was soon clear it wasn’t as busy as they expected or hoped. He “thought” there were about 30 people queuing when he arrived at 7am. That said as I made my way around London I stumbled across a number of O2 stores with short queues outside their doors.

Interestingly enough he commented on how the O2 systems were struggling to process the orders. Having entered my credit card details the computer sat at the “processing don’t refresh the page” for fifteen minutes before he ushered me on my way stating “it would go through eventually”.

I remember vividly last July sitting at my computer for a full day on the O2 site wondering if I had managed to upgrade or not. The same pain seemed to exist in a much smaller scale.

Nonetheless I had in my hand the new Apple 3GS and I was content and guilt ridden at the cost. The photo (above) was taken just before ten at which stage I was a very happy iPhone 3Gs owner. Perhaps I should be thankful to O2 for keeping the crowds down but to be honest a certain level of resentment has crept in.

Another Product Launched in Regent St.

To be in the position to buy a 3GS I had to come up with a rather convoluted process including convincing my wife her life will be transformed by an iPhone 3G on pay as you.

I even received a tongue in cheek “traitor” twitter message from a friend who was in the same 3G upgrade turmoil.

Certainly the same fanboy buzz wasn’t apparent at this launch in the UK perhaps when O2 see the profits harvested by AT&T in the states they just might be kicking themselves.

It was unquestionably exciting to have bought my new phone on launch day in Apple’s flagship store. Bizarely still the iPhone 3GS wasn’t the only new product to hit the London streets.

On leaving the store we met the Andrex ‘Sheer Butter’ launch, I am not sure what I will remember more.

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