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iPad Vs. Netbook: A Very Close Call

iPad Vs. Netbook: A Very Close Call

From the time Steve Jobs stepped onto the stage and announced the launching of iPad, actual as well as prospective users of the device started comparing it with a netbook. The question was common – Will the Apple’s iPad replace the netbooks? Well, the answer was quite supportive. A netbook operates on complete operating systems, it comprises of a full keyboard and has been formulated run any program of the users selection, and so, from this it should be the closest companion to the Apple’s device. right? Well, there have been several observers who have pitted the iPad as against the netbook in a variety of essential categories, and declared that the contest between the two is closer than it has been expected by the users.

Getting Work Done

Now you are in a situation where you want to get a work done on either the Word document or on an Excel spreadsheet. Will the iPad get the job done or the complete PC accessories oriented; netbook will be the preferred choice?

The iPad: Keynotes, Pages and Numbers are considerably good applications of the iPad, although it would have to be bought for $10 per program. One bad thing is that the iPad is not offering any local storage package so; the process of moving documents can be a bit of fuss. The basic process can be o e-mail those documents to yourself after which it can be opened via the Mail application or from any selected Web Mail client and then mail them back after you are done. Moreover, several features within a document and a spreadsheet do not work properly, either. The on-screen keyboard is good for pecking and hunting but, taking in long notes can be a tiresome job. There are various iPad compatible and productivity applications are made available and apps such as Evernote are considered to be a great addition but, for doing some real work, this device is certainly not the best option as it misses out some essential business related apps.

The Netbook: The keyboards of the netbooks are quite disliked by its users but, the fact is that they are more infinitely usable as compared to the on-screen touch board of iPad           . since, netbooks allows the user to open full versions of spread sheets, Word document and presentation apps, you can perform any activity whether for school, business or any other reason.

Result: Even tough, the netbook is not closer in this aspect, but can be considered as a better option as it has more apps from which some real work can be generated.


Netbooks and tablets are most liked by people because they are light weighted and portable which can fit in almost any bag and the best thing is that they have long battery life. So, which device turns out to be a better travel companion?

The iPad: For the iPad, some sort of covering material is required, but part from this, the iPad is a great travel companion. It is smaller than even of the smallest of the netbook. Moreover, the IPS display provides a wider range for viewing angles which makes it very easier to have a clear view from different angles. Depending on it is being used; the battery life of iPad is expected o be 7 to 10 hours in comparison to the netbook of the highest quality.

The Netbook: These devices are far easier to carry than any full-sized laptop but, even the smallest one is twice thick and twice heavier than the iPad. Moreover, it also has a problem of bad viewing angles which means that a clear view is not presented if it is no firmly placed in front of the user.

Result: The advantage is given to the iPad as it has slimmer designs, good battery life, is light weighted and has superior viewing angles on the screen.


Although, there are several other comparison aspects on which a result can be derived still, the choice depends on what is to be done with the device. If you want a tablet for entertainment purposes, the iPad can be the best choice, but, if you are looking to do some actual work, than the netbook will be of great use.

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