Apple to "Unveil" iPad Mini on October 17th

iPad Mini Keynote Expected 10ober 17th

Reports of an iPad Mini Keynote have finally Surfaced!! Only weeks after the debut and release of the most anticipated Apple devices of recent times, its almost time to do it all over […]

iPad 5 and Retina Display iPad Mini Due In March?

With New Year just around the corner, the apple rumor mill is showing no signs of abating. Details today, suggest that we could be seeing an iPad 5 as early as march and there is a good […]

The iPad Mini Can Be Installed In Your Car Dashboard

Its been out less than a week and already many people are finding interesting things to do with their new ipad Mini’s. One car audio specialist from soundwaves of tampa, has decided to install the iPad […]

Top 10 Apps For Your iPad Mini

So around 36 hours after the release of the iPad mini a lot of people will be getting used to finding their way around the device and now looking what apps to download. […]

Walmart Already Selling iPad Mini's To Customers

As the excitement is building for Fridays iPad Mini launch it appears some customers at Walmart have been extremely lucky and been able to purchase an iPad mini two days before release. The […]

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