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iPad Mini Review

The most notable thing about the iPad Mini, at least on a superficial level, is that it is smaller than the regular iPad, which has been a talking point since long before it was officially unveiled. But minimisation aside, is it actually any good? A good way to answer this would be to use Apple’s own description- the Mini is not a reduced iPad but a condensed one, which means it certainly holds its own against its full-size counterparts.

Physically it is a masterclass of engineering. Jonathan Ive has crafted a solid, durable device and it is just the right size- big enough to be clear and practical, but compact enough for easy carrying. In addition to this, it is incredibly light. Despite this there is a lot of power squeezed in under the hood and the Mini has all the same capabilities as the iPad 2. Technology has come a long way in just a few years and that level of performance can easily fit in the Mini’s body. In addition to this, the battery can easily last nine hours, depending on how you use it of course but an average amount of use will see it go a long way.

But convenience aside, how does it actually perform? Well it is not enough to just read the specifications and make a snap judgement. The lack of Retina Display puts some customers off before they have even set eyes on it but once you get over this fact, the resolution of the screen is actually very good at 1024&#215-768. Try surfing the web or running an app and you will see that the display is incredibly clear and well rendered, with no obvious pixellation ruining it. The screen measures 7.85 inches but this is more than big enough and it never feels restrictive.

Even typing with the onscreen keyboard works on the smaller screen, although it is slightly easier in landscape mode, and navigation is generally a trouble-free endeavour. Apple have not just released a smaller version of the software, it has been completely retooled to fit in with the Mini’s dimensions and it remains user friendly. You can expect to see some apps in the near future that will be best suited to this specific-sized screen so keep an eye out. Most apps will work on it, although it can be hit and miss and some of them will not quite fit on it comfortably.

But this is a minor flaw. Overall the iPad Mini is a great addition to Apple’s tablet line and a worthy rival to similar-sized tablets on the market. You may be put off by the slightly higher price but this is still one of Apple’s more affordable products and since this is a premium product, you ultimately get your money’s worth. The iPad Mini is best suited to those who have yet to own one and need a more affordable version, as well as those who only need a few specific functions, rather than the broader range the full-size iPad offers. But even in its own right it is a great accessory and highly recommended.

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