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iPad Mini Keyboard Cases Hitting the Market

Launched just a few months ago, the iPad Mini has quickly set about capturing an attentive audience. Released in order to compete with smaller tablets developed by its competitors, Apple’s iPad Mini falls somewhere between the form factor of an iPhone and its ever-popular iPad tablet device. The tool uses apps found in the App Store, running on the iOS that users have grown comfortable using. Just like all other Apple iOS devices, users must input text via the tablet’s intuitive touchscreen. iPad Mini keyboard cases, however, are beginning to offer consumers a new way to enter text.

ipad mini keyboard case

Exploring the Keyboard Case

Using an external keyboard to input content has become somewhat of a norm for existing iPad users. While these devices were primarily created for content consumption, rather than creation, many consumers are nevertheless anxious to ramp up their typing speeds on their tablets. From drafting emails and writing posts on social media, to creating long blocks of text for business applications, the uses of one’s tablet device vary greatly across the board. An external keyboard can be used to increase typing accuracy, without sacrificing the unique convenience of a small tablet.

External keyboards typically run on Bluetooth. Today, the keyboard case has become increasingly popular. Attached to a small case that wraps around the device, keyboard cases for the iPad range of tablets allow users to easily port their keyboard with them wherever they go. This makes entering in text on the fly easier than ever before. With competition in the tablet world stiffer than ever before, it was inevitable that device manufacturers would be clamoring to create keyboard cases for the iPad mini shortly after it reached the market. Other tablets that use similar features include the newly released Windows Surface.

iPad Mini Keyboard Case Options

Among the first keyboard cases to arrive for the iPad Mini is the Belkin Portable case. This accessory provides the comfort of typing on a traditional computer laptop, and uses the traditional Bluetooth connection to communicate with the tablet. Of course, as the iPad Mini is a good deal smaller than most laptop computers, it may take users some time to get used to typing on the smaller keys.

One of the benefits of using an external keyboard that has been specifically created with the iPad in mind is that the keys on the keyboard often correlate with actions and functions on the tablet device. The Belkin case for the iPad Mini is no exception, with shortcut keys that allow users to easily control volume levels on their tablets, as well as watch videos and listen to music. These keys are similar to those found on Mac computers.

Additional Cases Available

While the Belkin case may have the highest profile in the consumer market, it will hardly be the only keyboard case vying for the attention of iPad Mini owners. ClamCase is another popular manufacturer that offers many solutions for owners of the full-size iPad. The company has announced its intention to release a keyboard case for the iPad Mini in the near future.

While less feature intensive than the keyboard available from Belkin, iPadMiniMod has also released a keyboard case that iPad Mini users can use to input text. This aluminum case focuses its attention on being small and easy to carry around, although it lacks the unique iPad shortcut buttons found on other products. Users also have the option to customize the case with a unique color selection of either black or silver, adding to the unique draw of this particular keyboard case.

Examining Consumer Need for an iPad Mini Case

While keyboard cases for the iPad Mini are no doubt a positive for consumers who need to be able to churn out content on the go, the uses of such keyboard cases may be limited. Most consumers rely on their tablets for surfing the web, watching popular videos, and keeping up with the latest news. These consumers are likely to find keyboard cases too bulky for everyday use, and will likely not need the ability to type large amounts of text in one go. Conversely, those who rely on all of their devices for easy text entry will likely want to invest in a keyboard case.

While an iPad Mini keyboard case may not be the ideal solution for every consumer, there are plenty of individuals who can benefit from using of these sleek devices. As the iPad Mini is smaller than the traditional iPad itself, users will likely find themselves amazed at just how productive they can be with a tiny screen. As the market further develops, consumers can likely expect to see additional manufacturers marketing keyboard cases for the iPad and the iPad Mini, as many different companies vie to get a piece of the iPad Mini action.

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