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iPad GarageBand – Things To Learn

iPad GarageBand – Things To Learn

GarageBand for iPad is an awesome music app. It offers you many cool features and a lot of virtual instruments. Let’s talk about some features of iPad GarageBand that you wouldn’t find in the desktop one.

Virtual instruments

When we talk about features of GarageBand, you cannot go on without discussing virtual instruments. You can play bass, guitar, keyboard or drums using GarageBand. The interface changes according to the instrument you are playing. Let’s say you are playing a guitar, you will get an option of rock, clean electric or an acoustic guitar.

And if you do not have the art of playing music, you can use smart instruments. With this feature, you can feed a few arguments and it will create music for you. This might become generic, but this is when you cannot play instruments. If you can play, then you have got a lot that you can experiment with.

If you want, you can take training from GarageBand. You can choose a scale to limit the notes for the instrument you want to play. Apple even gives you an arpeggiator to go with your favorite settings.

Real instruments

There are many people who know GarageBand for its multi-track recording ability. You can work on 8 tracks, which is great.

You can make use of a mic and use the guitar interface to play the real guitar and record it on your GarageBand. And you can control the input by changing levels, pan, loop etc. This is quite a powerful app.

You can use 10 effects and 9 amps if you want to play a real guitar. There are lots of other things that you can get from iOS GarageBand. You can play with real or virtual instruments and apply effects etc. the main point is that this app will help you create and record your own music.

It is no doubt the best music app from the Mac App Store . For just $4.99, it is really inexpensive.

If you like making music, GarageBand will be the best app you ever had. What do you think about it? Does it really stand up to its hype, or do you prefer other apps for music? Send us your comments.

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