Is This The iPad 5th Generation ?

The last few weeks have seen many fifth generation iPad and iPad Mini 2 rumors and ideas floating around the internet.  Tonight we have a very interesting image that not only puts these rumors into a new […]

Details Leaked About The iPad 5

Apple have been pushing new generations of the iPad more than any other product and that shocked everyone back in October 2012 when they announced the 4th generation iPad, only 7 months after […]

iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 Launching In March?

iPad Mini Expected to Launch 10ober 23rd

It looks like it could be a very interesting start to 2013 for Apple!  The release dates for products have been changing significantly within the last two years with hardly any being released […]

Leaked Photos Of White iPad 5 Bezel

All the rumours so far this year has made us fairly certain that the iPad 5 is going to take many design features from the iPad mini. today published an images which […]

Next Generation iPad Set To Debut In April

Apple Fan Site today learnt from our source that the rumours of Apple releasing the iPad 5 / next generation iPad in April is looking to be true. Earlier this month we released […]

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