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iPad 2 Tips and Tricks

iPad 2 Tips and Tricks

Although, your new iPad 2 might not be as much featured or complicated as your desktop system or your laptop, but, inserting some quite neat tricks are still unable to make it to the surface. Below mentioned is a quick rundown as how to make your iPad a bit more efficient by simply adding in some few tricks.

Download the free iPad User’s Guide: You might have noticed that with your new iPad 2, there is not provided a big printed user guide as it is not simply the style of Apple. The user can easily download the PDF version of the manual from the official website of Apple or you can simply read it out through iBooks, if it is installed on your handset. Ensure that you download the correct manual and in this case the manual of iOS 4.3 is required.

Perform a guide tour of your iPad: Apple offers some very valuable video tours for every preinstalled application so that the user can understand properly as to how to use them.

Multitasking in iOS: Until now you must have known that by pressing the Home button twice, you will be directed to a list which contains the currently running as well as suspended programs. However, the user can also easily swipe out the multitasking bar from left side to the right so as to gain a quick access towards audio/video playback, controlling of the volumes as well as a shortcut to the iTunes application itself.

Secure your backups: The user also have the option of encrypting the iPads data within the iTunes. All you have to do is to open up the iPad in iTunes, click on the Summary tab, and check on the box titled as Encrypt iPad Backup located under the Options heading.

Prevent automatic synchronization once: There are many times when a user does not want to sync the iPad when it is connected to the system. In order to remove this feature, hold down the Command-Option button on your Mac in the iTunes while plugging the iPad device within it after which the automatic syncing feature will be vanished out instantly. Alternative, a sync can also be interrupted safely by simply dragging out the unlock slider during the period in which the device is in a position of midsync.

Create a complex password: the default setting of an iOS for a password consists of a four numbered password. However, if you want a bigger password, this option can be deactivated, by going to the Settings option > General > Passcode lock > Simple Passcode. Now you can create any password for locking up your iPad 2 device. Moreover, the passcode also offers help in encrypting e-mails as well as attachments onto the iPad so; there is a much requirement to create a big and strong password.

Sync your bookmarks: iTunes can also be used to synchronize the bookmarks of Safari browser of the iPad with the operating system’s Web browser. Simply open the iPad tab placed within the iTunes and then click on the Info tagged tab, scroll down to the option of Other heading and check on the box of Sync Bookmarks with. After this process select your preferred browser and you are done.

Tweak the feature of AutoFill: the user can also select to choose the AutoFill feature of Safari by going to the Settings > Safari > AutoFill. You can now tell safari to autofill all the forms either by making use of the specified contacts of the user or by remembering the user ID and passwords that have been saved on the system so as to log in websites.

Set the iPad to self-destruct in 10 seconds: Don’t take this wrong. It means that you can set to erase out all the data saved within it after 10 failed entries of the passcode by checking the box of Erase Data option under the Settings > General > Passcode Lock.

E-mail pictures: if you want to e-mail pictures from within the iPad, the simplest way of this is to open the application of photos from which you have to select a picture. Press the button placed on the upper right corner of the window and select the option of e-mail photo so as to send it.

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