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iPad 2 Built In Apps

iPad 2 Built In Apps

You don’t have to spend money and hours scrolling through the app store to find the perfect apps for your iPad 2. If you’re worried about how much money you’ll have to spend at the app store after you’ve already spent so much on the iPad 2 then worry no more. This article will give you a quick review of the apps that come preloaded with the newest iPad.

FaceTime is the newest and best way for you to stay connected with your friends and family. This app is the free video chat app that has had the world a-buzz for many months. With FaceTime you can connect with people using any man device as long as they have FaceTime. This means that you aren’t stuck behind your desk waiting for someone to call; you can accept and initiate calls from your iPad while you’re on the go. If you have an iMac waiting at home then you can divert the call to the bigger screen or keep it on your iPad and walk and talk. Talking with people is now also a lot easier thanks to the two cameras; one on the front and one on the back. You can talk with someone and look them in the eye knowing that they are doing the same to you. Then, you can switch to the back camera and show them what’s going on with you. FaceTime uses data and the wireless connection so you can talk to people no matter where they are for free.

Find My iPad is the best way to keep track of your iPad when you’re out and about or just at home. Because it is so slim and thin you can easily drop your device behind the couch cushions or leave it under a magazine or book and not be able to find it. The Find My iPad app works in conjunction with your iCloud account so you can log in and set off alerts or messages to help locate your phone. Set the app to create a loud ringing sound so you can find it if it’s in your room or alert strangers to its presence. If your device isn’t with you can create a message to appear on the screen to let people know how they can contact you to return the device. Lastly, you can choose to clean the device of all of your information lest it falls into the wrong hands.

iBooks is a great way to read all of your favourite eBooks and PDF files. It’s taken Apple a while to release their own eBook reader for their devices and sadly in that time they didn’t come up with anything new and spectacular. This app works the same way as many of the other popular eBook readers; you can adjust the font size and style, create book marks and notes, and highlight important passages. However, one notable exception is that iBooks is used in conjunction with the iBooks store so people can buy their eBooks directly from Apple. Thanks to iCloud integration all of the books and PDF files are stored in the cloud. You can download a book on your iMac and have it on your iPad in a flash, too.

Similar to iBooks is the Newsstand app. This app is the perfect way to keep all of your magazines and newspapers in one place. Use the Newsstand section in the app store to browse through the vast number of periodicals that you can download and set up a subscription so you can start reading instantly. Whenever the next issue is released it will download automatically so you’ll never be without a good read again.

One very notable difference with the new iPad (when it’s running iOS 5) is the separation of the iPod app. Users will find that this app no longer exists and your music and videos are now separated into a Music app and a Videos app. The reason behind this seems to be the conformity among all mac mobile devices as this is how the iPod has always been.

The iPad 2 comes with all of the apps you expect it to as well: reminders, messages, contacts, calendars, and mail.

You don’t need to buy a lot of apps when you have an iPad 2 because it already comes with so many great ones.

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