Apple Release iOS 6 To The Public

Last week we heard that Apple would be releasing iOS 6 on Wednesday 19th September and that day is finally upon on us. Apple has just pushed the iOS 6 update to the […]

AT&T Respond To FaceTime Controversy

A lot of hate has been aimed towards AT&T over the previous days after they announced they would only allow the customers using the more expensive Mobile Share plan to use FaceTime over 3G […]

Big Things Now Come In Smaller Connections …

The new IOS update IOS 6 is still in it’s beta stages. Many positive reviews are towards this new IOS but one question still leans on everyones mind. Due to the recent reports […]

iOS 6 Beta 4 Seeded To Developers

We have had multiple reports that Apple has realsed iOS 6 beta 4 to developers but it appears to be causing a lot of confusion among developers as it is labeled at iOS […]

Youtube App Disappears From iOS 6 Beta 4

So minutes ago Apple released iOS 6 beta 4 but it seems it is going to disappoint a lot of users after we have just found out the Youtube app has disappeared and there is no reference in iOS […]

Apple's iMessage Suffering Huge Outage

Apple will release a patch for iMessage in the coming weeks to fix several issues

Apple are still reporting iCloud to be online as can be seen in the image below, but from what we are experiencing and from what we have heard from you it seems that […]