Apple Release iOS 6.0.1 To Public

Apple has just released iOS 6.0.1 which appears to fix a lot of bugs which were in the previous version on iOS. For iPhone 5 users it appears to be a little more confusing to update your […]

In Depth Look At iOS 6 Panorama Mode

iOS 6 included over 200 updates so you will still only be finding some today , so we aim to bring as many new features to your attention as possible. In the video […]

Top 12 Apps For Your iPhone 5

So a lot of you will be now playing with your iPhone 5 and wondering which apps you can test which have already been optimised for your iPhone 5 we have put together […]

WIFI Problems Hit iOS 6 Users

So earlier today Apple released iOS 6 to the public and at first sight it appears to have been a launch / release with out any problems unlike iOS 5 which was hit […]

Apple Have Fixed iOS 6 WiFi Problem

Earlier today we reported that iOS 6 users were reporting WiFi problems but it now appears that Apple has resolved the issue. The problem seemed to be a problem with the way Safari […]

iOS 6 New Maps Do Not Impress Users

                          So yesterday Apple released iOS 6 to the public and 24 hours the public reviews are coming in and especially […]

iOS 6 Users Unable To Access Passbook

Today, iOS 6 went live for millions of iOS users worldwide! And for some, like me, you are exploring the over 200 new features in the worlds most advance operating system. One app, […]