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iOS Notifications Now Available On Google Glass

@b3ll otherwise know as Adam Bell a popular developer is the the first developer to figure out a way to receive all your iOS notifications on Google Glass. The Jailbreak tweak is still in its very early stages of development but the video show the idea working very well.

The tweak is currently only available for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches due to it requiring some changes to be made to the core of iOS. The hack routes all notifications from your iOS device such as iMessage, Instagram and Twitter and displays them on your Glass.

Google does plan on releasing an iOS version of the MyGlass app but we have no time frame for release meaning that this is the best solution as of now. Bell has said that he plans to upload the tweak to GitHub with in the next couple of days and has plans to develop the hack in to a fully developed Cydia tweak.


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