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Do all iOS devices really mean that,when they say their battery is 100% charged?

ipad batteryFew weeks after the new iPad came out, significant discovery has been made. It appears, that when your device is telling you it’s battery is fully charged it is, actually, lying to you. In fact, it takes about two more hours for the battery to charge fully after it reaches the “100%” and if you unplug your device before then, you could lose up to 1. 2 hours of battery life. It seems like all iOS devices have the same issue.
ZDNet claims that the new iPad’s battery algorithm is busted. DisplayMate Technologies President – Ray Soneira – did a little research and found out, that the third-generation iPad is capable of running for about 11. 6 hours on a full battery, while running time, based on the 100% indicator is just 10. 4 hours. And that makes it 1. 2 hours or about 10% loss, if you unplug your device as soon as it reaches “100%”. Quite a misfortune, if you’re trying to make it through your day on a battery charge.

All iOS devices always reported their 100% battery charge at a tiny bit lower capacity – around 97%, according toZDNet. Apple’s reasoning to that is keeping the battery “safe and healthy”. The key difference is that the new iPad’s battery is really big, and that is why this issue is more noticeable with it:

“The battery on the new iPad is huge, with a total charge capacity of a massive 42Wh or measured another way a monstrous 11, 666 mAh. A 3 percent safety margin for the iPad 2 battery would be equal to around 210 mAh, while the same safety margin for the new iPad would be equal to 350 mAh.”


So, the conclusion has been made, that it’s best to leave your iPad charging over night – in that case you don’t have to worry about losing those precious 10% of the battery life. Otherwise, you only get 90%, while your iPad’s battery indicator shows you 100% charge.
Ray Soneira also found out that it takes about 5. 5 hours to charge the new iPad when it’s battery is completely dead…sounds like a lot, huh?Well, try using your iPad while charging and you’ll make it 20 hours.
ZDNet expects Apple to fix this issue in the next software update and is convinced that the new iPad should only show 100% charge when it actually reaches a solid 100%

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