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the iOS application that has been issued this week comprises of a whole lot of arcade puzzle games. The first one is the combination of lessons that have been derived from the previous games of iPhones thereby, making it a great brain-teaser. The second step in the collection tends the user to blow up ice sculptures by making use of several different types of bombs and the third challenge is to make the water flow in the direction to a tub of an alligator.

Contre Jour: This is a 99 cents application which consists of several short levels in which the user is trying to charm a small alien so as to exit that particular level. Moreover, the alien does not move at its own, so the player has to make use of the attached ropes, malleable ground, slingshots, teleporters and several other elements so as to make the alien reach its goal. Every other level is based on Rube-Goldbergian series o action from which the alien should be executed carefully and timely.

Being a puzzler, Contre Jour has introduced several new ideas and has also done an excellent job in refining some of the iOS users’ favorite ones. So, if you are a fan of arcade puzzling games, than Contre Jour is a game worth downloading.

Amazing Breaker: This is also a 99 cents arcade physics puzzler which gives a challenge to the player to throw bombs onto ice sculptures within a slingshot. Although, the slingshot of the arcade game is not quite unique, but, the combination it holds of quick playing levels, sets of high resolution graphics and an increasingly complex gameplay has provided it an edge above many physics oriented arcade games. Every level contains an ice sculptures on to which you have to fling bombs so as to destruct almost 90 percent of it so as to proceed to the next level. The element of complexity comes in when the player decides as to how and when to bank up all the bombs and how it has been selected and how the user will choose from among four different types of bombs.

If you are a big fan of physics puzzlers, then the game of Amazing Breakers can turn out to be a worthwhile download. Moreover, there is also given a free version of the game through which you can play almost 16 levels of the game.

Where&#8217-s My Water?: This application has been ranked among several other good arcade puzzlers. Although, it does share out some similarities, still the central schtick is mostly of its own. You have to dig in several parts that are covered with dirt so as to create a complete channel through which the water can easily flow from one place to another. Ideally, the player will be given plenty of clean water to fill up the tub of Swampy, but to bring that water to its destination, there are several obstacles which are inclusive of algae, acid and several other water-activated elements and switches. Moreover, the levels are also not too tough and are considered as a worthwhile download for iOS users.

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