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iOS 6 Users Unable To Access Passbook

iOS 6 Users Unable To Access Passbook UPDATE!

Today, iOS 6 went live for millions of iOS users worldwide! And for some, like me, you are exploring the over 200 new features in the worlds most advance operating system. One app, however, has people wondering “whats going on???”. It’s the brand new Passbook app for iOS 6.

This app is intended to hold tickets, coupons and many more forms of  important information into one area but many people, like me, are not able to test out this wonderful new app. The reason is because we receive a notification that says “Can’t Connect to the iTunes Store”

“Give it time” said an Apple representative after Apple Fan Site reported the issue to them. “There are millions of people in the world who are trying to access the same thing at once.” she said. “So is this a server issue?” I asked. “Yes it is.” she replied. We saw this same issue back with the release of iOS 5 when millions of people wanted to download the software at once and crashed apple’s servers. For everyone experiencing this issue, know that this is a minor issue and it will be resolved soon as long as you give it time.

If you have any problems updating to iOS 6 be sure to let us know via twitter @MacReviews or email us 



We just found proof that it’s not a server issue but a glitch in the programming and by following these steps below will fix the issue:

Go to Settings>General>Date and Time>Set Automatically>Off

Following these steps, change the date 1 year ahead. After, open up passbook and check to see if the app store opens. If it does, repeat the steps and turn back on “Set Automatically”

if you are still having issues with passbook you are urged to call Apple support.

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