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iOS 6 Upgrades Reach 61%

Reception for iOS 6 has been slightly mixed but generally positive. People have had the odd complaint, usually related to the disappointing Maps app that so far has failed to be a suitable replacement for Google Maps. But this is only a small part of the overall package and generally people are happy with it. In fact analytics show that just one month after Apple released the upgrade, 61% of all iOS users in the US and Canada have made the switch to it.

iOS 6 was first released to the public in September and according to advertising and analytics company Chitika, it is now used on 61% of all iOS devices in these regions. The update got off to a flying start when it converted 15% of the iOS users during its first 24 hours of availability and after two weeks had passed, more than half of Apple’s iOS customers had downloaded the upgrade.

Of course the download rate slowed down after this but more people gradually switched over. By this point word had spread of its strengths and few but notable weaknesses, the Maps app generating a lot of negative discussion, but this was not enough to put customers off the overall package which many have deemed superior in its entirety. One month later, the iOS has reached its 61% download peak but this could be set to change very soon. It is no secret that the iPad Mini, as well as the fourth generation iPad was released yesterday. With both products expected to sell, especially the Mini which will most likely attract new fans who can afford its lower price, a whole new crowd of customers are expected to be using iOS 6 very soon.

In addition to this, a modified update known as iOS 6.0.1 is currently in development and should feature updated versions of the various features, tweaked to fulfil their optimal potential and iron out any glitches that needed fixing. This should be released in just a few weeks and will no doubt attract a few more customers who were dubious about it before, as well as prompt millions of downloads from current iOS 6 users. What exactly this update will have in store remains to be seen but it will certainly prove popular.

The iOS 6 update proved immensely popular and despite a few flaws, did not disappoint. It boasted over 200 new features, a favourite being the new and improved Siri, which has a wider range of information available on such subjects as movies, restaurants and sports scores, as well as better integration with apps and social networks. The new Maps app was not so popular and has been found by many to be wildly inaccurate but Apple CEO Tim Cook has apologised and vowed to improve it. While some improvements have been spotted, Apple still has a way to go before it can be considered a valuable replacement but if the iOS 6.0.1 update has a significantly improved Maps app then downloads could go through the roof.

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