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IOS 5.1 To Introduce New Siri Integration –

IOS 5.1 To Introduce New Siri Integration

A report from German site are suggesting that the next major update IOS 5.1 will improve the usability of Siri enormously. At the moment with Siri you can only ask it to do software related commands and even they are limited , but accourding to the report IOS 5.1 will bring a whole new load of features to Siri including hardware commands such as :

  • Take a photo
  • Turn On/Off WiFi  and bluetooth
  • Create a video

and thats only to name a few. I think if this update is correct and Apple does push these features to the  beta product then this will change a lot of peoples mind about Siri being a novolty. After thinking about these commands and how I would use them as a IOS Developer i would love to see Apple release an Siri API . This would be revolutionary for the mobile gaming industry.

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