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Inverting Colors on Your Mac

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Looking at the same colors can be boring. After all, when the entire world is moving towards customizability and more colors, you might want to change the way your Mac looks as well. Perhaps you would also want to control how different applications and websites appear.
You can achieve all this and much more using a Mac. A simple trick to make your Mac look different and attractive is to reverse the colors.
Changing Colors via System Preferences
Launch “System Preferences”. You can identify the System Preferences icon by the white light switch with the Apple sign on it (OS X 10.3 and earlier versions). For OS X 10.4, it has a silver tone to it.
Once you have inverted the colors, the icon will become black with a silver apple (OS X 1.3 and earlier.) The cursor will get white and start resembling Windows cursor.
• To get started, click on the ‘Universal Access’ button. This button lies at the end on the row tagged System.
• Click on the radio button that reads “White on Black”. This lies under “Display.
You are done! Now sit back and see how different the entire Mac experience gets.
To revert to the old color settings, click on ‘Black on White’ under ‘System Preferences.’
Keyboard Shortcut
If you want to learn the quick way of achieving the same results, keyboard shortcuts can help. Simply hold the Control, Command and the Alt/Option key. With another hand, press numeric 8. Ensure that you use the 8 present over the letter. 8 of the number pad won’t work.
You are done again.
To change back the setting, press the same keys again and voila! You get the old colors back.
Few Things to Consider While Changing the Color
• Do not invert colors on your Mac if it’s a common property. You don’t want people to face any kind of inconvenience due to the color change. Not everyone likes inverted colors.
• Do give you a thought to the end result and the kind of websites you visit most frequently. While inverting black and white color is fine, a black and blue inversion might result in complete white making letter illegible. On the other hand, combinations such as white on gray or gray and white will look all black.
• Do not try inverting color if you play a lot of online games. Things might not look good at all.
• Be ready to accept the flickering cursor every once a while.
• All pictures will look negative.
• Inverting the colors has an advantage over the regular color scheme as most of the screen becomes blank and emits lesser amount of light.
• Inverting the colors can work out to be the best option for visually disabled people.
• It can also help in lessening power consumption.
• Many a times inversion might not work properly making text illegible. In this case, simply restart your Mac and things will function properly.

Do not use invert colors when watching a film or editing images. This is because you don’t get to see the real colors and things might look awry.
Sometimes, magnification might not work properly or the icons may not get highlighted. If you face this issue, simply restart your Mac.
Keep in mind whenever you face a color related issue, even once you have reverted back to the standard settings, restarting the Mac can fix many problems.

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