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Instagram Can Not Sell Your Photos

Instagram Can Not Sell Your Photos

You agree that a business may pay Instagram to display your photos in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions without any compensation to you.

That is the sentence which has already caused a lot of you to close your Instagram account and if not the thought most likely ran through your head when you read the sentence above in the new terms and service that Instagram released today. Do not believe what you have read already as most of it is scare mongering and Instagram can not sell your images to anyone no matter what their T&C’s say.

Instagram Can Not Sell Your Photos To Anyone

Facebook said they would bring adverts to Instagram and this is Facebook prepping users for the monetizing method they have choose and that is related ads which most Facebook users will be familiar with.

If Instagram are not going to sell our images well what are they going to do with them ? For example if I comment on a friends photo of London and then I visit a page on Instagram with an ad I could then see an advert with my friends picture with the headline of “Cheap flights to London” also Instagram are not going to allow advertisers for example Nike use your picture of a basketball court and add their logo but the new T&C’s will allow Nike to create an advert with your picture with in Instagram with an title like “The best basketball picture of the day”.

Instagram has always had the right to use and copy your photos since launch day and I believe these new T&C’s are a lot clear for users and clarifys what Facebook / Instagram plan to use the images for and this recent out break is just a result in showing how little we trust Facebook with products and services we like and so we shouldn’t a point which a lot of people have not picked up on is Facebook is not planning on letting users know what are adverts and promoted images which is another perfect point why there is the lack of trust.

The biggest flaw in this whole story is Instagram’s failure to explain exactly what they mean with these new T&C’s and this may have lost them a percentage of their users.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this story be sure to discuss below in the comments section.

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