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Inexpensive Apps to Boost your Mac

Inexpensive Apps to Boost your Mac

Having cool apps for your Mac is nice to have. Aside from rendering useful services to you, it also improves your Mac’s performance. There are various apps available at the Mac Apps Store which are sold at a very economical price. They are as follows:

  • FocusBar

This app contains a single brilliantly drawn animated bar that subtly emerge on your screen every thirty seconds to ring a bell on what to focus on. It also shows up whenever you change applications to remind you of the specific work to be done. Before starting your activity, type the name of the task into the FocusBar for it to remind you. Tell it that when you are done at the end of the activity it should also stop reminding you about that specific activity. This is perfect for those who have a multitasking habit since this app will remind the user once in a while for them to stay put on the present task before moving to the next. This app is good for 0.99 cents only.

  • Quiet

This app gives you two options. It gives you the option to blur out everything but your app of focus; aside from letting you drop a black curtain over your other window or to hide them below your desktop. The next thing about quiet is that the app will quiet down all other disturbing apps on the computer. It hides your dock so you are not bothered by badges. It quiets growl notifications from popping up and also silences iChat, Adium, Skype and Mail. It can also change your IM status so people know not to bother you. This app is good for only $3.99.

  • CleanShot

This app removes everything from the desktop that isn’t your focused app and allows you to change your normal desktop background with any image you desire. All menu bar items from the right side will be detached, giving you an option to leave on the battery and airport icons. It also let you set the clock whenever you want. Cleanshot has a grid of resolution sizes at the top screen to help you settle on just how big you want your screenshot to be. It also moves the fake clock and menu bars items to the edge of your chosen size to ensure that the viewer think they are seeing everything there is to see. This app is good for $4.99 only.

  • Dynamic Light

Basically, dynamic light is a collection of pre-developed filters that you can apply to your photos to give them that “HDR” look. Dynamic light uses a substandard interface for Mac app. You will either drag an image right into the main area of the app or you click the load button to bring up your file browser then you can start playing. Tweak the two dials below the main image and adjust angle of the light source. Typically, people just click the “effects” button and go from there. This app includes 23 pre-set filters, from simple ones like black and white to a more stylized one like Old Photo. This app is $5.99.

All this cheap apps are available at the Mac Apps Store.


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