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Incipio Dual Auto Charger 3.4A Lightning

Incipio Dual Auto Charger 3.4A Lightning

Incipio offers more than just cases for your smartphones. They also produce audio accessories, styluses, bags, and chargers. How do you charge your iPhone while in the car? Do you use a Dual USB adapter with an OEM cable, built-in USB port, or a primary lightning car charger? I was in need of a car charger but instead of purchasing a dual USB car charger & an OEM charging cable I was given this. I have to say I am very happy with this car charger so far. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer & its performance.

Incipio offers basic car chargers but this one is their Dual Auto Charger with a built-in 3.4A Lightning cable. The cable is ready to charge iOS devices with Lightning ports (iPhone 5, iPad mini, New iPad, and the Newest Generation iPod Touch & iPod Nano).

Like all car chargers you plug this into the lighter port. I found it a tight fit as I had to force it in. After a couple of unplugs I found it to loosen up making it easier. Incipio did a nice job making this charger visually appealing. It has a nice glossy finish but what makes it standout is the blue led ring along the face of the charger.

The light really gives the charger a nice glow but I feel it could have been better implemented. The light turns on once the car is on but stays on the whole time whether or not it is it currently charging anything. I would have liked to have seen the led turn on only when the charger was charging a device.

This car charger is very handy with the built-in USB port allowing for simultaneous charging of two devices. The beauty is that the USB can be used for any other device not just iOS devices. So if you have a friend, family member, or random person in your car that has an Android, BlackBerry, or other smartphone you are able to charge their device. Just make sure you have a USB to micro USB cable in your glove box.

The charger works great and shows no signs of failing. The charging port works absolutely fine on an iPhone 5 without a case. You might find some compatibility issues with curtain cases. All the Incipio cases are designed to work with charger. I have tested other cases and their cutouts are just too small & tight the cable will not fit but there are just too many to find out which cases work and which don’t.

The Incipio Dual Auto Charger retail for $34.99 through & Amazon. If you think about it, it is the same price you would pay for an Apple Lightning Cable & a dual USB car charger adapter.

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It is convenient to have a built-in lightning cable on your car charger. I believe it beats having to purchase another OEM lightning cable and a car adapter even though it may actually cost the same. The extra USB port is great as it allows you to charge a second device no matter the input.
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