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Incipio ATLAS Case for iPhone 5

Do you constantly worry about dropping your iPhone 5? Even with my large hands, I find it difficult to hold without a case because I worry it is going to slip and fall. I love the design and feel of the iPhone 5 in the hands without a case but I am not brave enough to use my phone without a case. There are so many cases to choose from and you need to keep in consideration the protection it provides, colors, designs, price, etc. I have seen them all until this recently when I found out manufactures make water, dust, and shock proof cases.

I have for you an in-depth review of the Incipio ATLAS.  We are going to take a closer look at the case to see how it stacks up, what it offers, and if the $89.99 retail price is warranted.

The Incipio ATLAS is a case series that matches the likes of the Seidio OBEX, LifeProof Case, and Otterbox’s Armor Series just to name a few. It is built to withstand everything from dirt, water, and drops. I am not just talking about raindrops or small accidents. The ATLAS is waterproof for up to 2 meters (6.56feet) for up to 1 hour. Finally I can breath easy when my device ends up at the bottom of the pool. Due to the screen sensitivity the touch screen doesn’t work while submerged. However, if you start recording a video before entering the water you can get some cool video while you are under water. The screen is 100% functional if it is only rain drops.

This case has multiple layers of protection against the elements. The ATLAS is in accordance with military standard 810G & Ingress Protection (IP68) when it comes to its drop, water, and dust protection. This case is ready for nearly anything in your active life style. The case specs indicate that it is shockproof up to 3 meters, which is quite impressive. Dropping your device from 3 meters, (~9.8feet) does not happen every day but I did test your more reasonable falls we all tend to see. The ATLAS Case survived drop tests from waist high, chest high, and the simulated drop when exiting the car. The case walked away with minor damage (small dings & scratches) while the iPhone 5 was unharmed.

Incipio did a good job attempting to keep the case design as close as the original iPhone design. The additional thickness is noticeable making it easier to hold and grip the device in my opinion. I have no problem with their decision to make the back solid without show casing the Apple logo.

The latch at the bottom holding everything together works as expected but could have been better implemented in my opinion. It is such a large flap to have to worry about when attempting to charge your device or use a headset. You are better off purchasing a Bluetooth headset for a better experience.

The execution of getting to the physical buttons (volume rocker, mute button, power button) is impressive. I found it easy to push the physical button naturally without any issues. Knowing that the home button is surrounded by hard-shell and covered by a softer material bring peace of mind.

The cutouts for the camera and screen are spot on. The clear material used to cover the camera is great allowing for the amazing quality photos and videos we are accustomed to having from our iPhone 5. The screen is my “surprise feature” in this entire case. Incipio uses actual glass to protect your iPhone screen while others use a plastic screen protector. This is by far the best screen protector that a waterproof case has that I have used this far. It is very clear giving a great screen experience without hindering quality. It is tough adding the best protection available.

There are a couple of things that I found frustrating and disappointing with the ATLAS. Applying the case to your iPhone 5 is simple but removing is very difficult. I have tried repeatedly and I still cannot get the hang of it. I have mess up multiple finger nails attempt to pry open the case. I have learned using a coin helps and do not be afraid to apply extra pressure to the back portion of the case. In addition, the call quality is noticeably worse Simply rising the volume does not fix the issue it actually makes it worse. You can still hear the other person but it is as clear as is usually is.

Overall this case is great for the protection is provides. I have zero worries when using my device. I place it down without thinking twice and if it goes for a swim, I do not have a heart attack. I can’t stress enough how well of a job they did with the physical button implementation and the screen protection.  The toughest part of this case is the commitment to spending $89.99 for a case. Lucky for us you can get the same case for ~$60 on Amazon. That is much easier buy with the $30 savings. It is investment to protection your device. It works great in my situation, as I did not get Apple Care for my iPhone. Therefore, for casual days, I may use my Incipio NGP or Edge Pro cases but when I know that, I will be traveling, in environment with harsh conditions, enjoying nature, or out for a swim I will switch over to my ATLAS. For many of you, you are constantly around these situations making the ATLAS perfect for everyday use.  You are better off spending $60-$90 on a case that will protect against practically anything instead of paying a repair bill.

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One of my favorite all purpose cases. The screen protector is amazing providing great protection and quality. I have zero worries when using this case but it comes at a price. The price is steep but when you think about it as an investment to protection your much more expensive investment it makes the purchase easier. The sale price through Amazon makes it “easier” to commit.
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