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Improve your Mac Experience with Control Clicking

Improve your Mac Experience with Control Clicking

If you use Mac but haven’t discovered all the features, then you are missing out a great deal. There are many things that you can do with the Control keys on your keyboard and the secondary button on your mouse.

When you control click, there are various contextual menus that show up, and they depend on whether you clicked on an app item, or a folder or file, or on the desktop.

Read the points given here and see how fast you can do things by control clicking, rather than selecting options from menu bar.

Control click the desktop

Place the mouse on desktop and then control click it. You will get many options, like the creation of a new folder. Select the option to change desktop background found in Preferences. Let’s say you have some files on the desktop, you can simply control click on them and select Clean up. All the files will be neatly ordered.

Control click the dock

If you click an icon placed in dock, you will find it in Finder. You may even find it open as you switch on your system. In this way, you can launch an application, or take it off the dock.

Control click the files

When you simply control click on a file on desktop or Finder, you will find a lot of hidden things. You can send the file to trash, make a pseudonym of it, duplicate it, and a lot more.

Control click the trash

You don’t have to lift your hands from the mouse to clean up the trash folder. Simply control click on it and you will see menu items to do that.

Control click text

If you just control click on some text, you will see many options like copy, paste, Google for its meaning, or spell check etc.

Control click Safari

This will give you a lot of options. Let’s say to control click on any bookmark present in the bookmark bar. Now you will have the choice of opening it in a new tab or a new window. You can even change its address or its name. If you click in the bookmark bar on an empty area, you can make a new folder.

Control click web pages

There are several options depending upon the place where you click on a page. When you click on the empty place, you can print the page, reload it, or go back.

If you just control click on any pic in the page, you can save it to your hard disk, or add that image to the iPhoto library.

If you know what else can be done with control click – share with us!

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