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Important Features Of Revo Uninstaller

There comes a time in the life of every computer system when the user begins to feel that his computer has had some major reductions in its processing speed. These reductions in speed or performances are usually because of excess amounts of programs being installed on to the computer out of which many are of no need to the user. Leaving them installed on your computer and still increasing the number of installations on your computer is what leads to the decline in pace of a computer. Hence, it is important to have good Uninstalling software that will rid your computer of these useless files and for this purpose, the Revo Uninstaller is the best to choose.

It is software produced by the VS Revo Group, and its purpose is to rid your computer of unwanted installations by completely removing them from your computer and leaving no trace of them in your program files. Hence this software helps you to regain your computer speed and restore it to its original performance. There are two editions of Revo Uninstaller available in the market. One is the basic version of Revo that can be downloaded free of cost, while the other is the pro edition of the software which can be downloaded free for a 30 day trail period. But if you wish to use the pro edition further after 30 days of use, the full version must be purchased online. The Pro Edition obviously has some extra features which the free version lacks. Such as having a more user friendly interface, more extensive search and cleaning options and a better result. However whatever version of Revo Uninstaller you use, the common use is same and there are a number of reasons why Revo should be used when cleaning your computer.

There are a number of features offered by Revo Uninstaller that make it a better choice when choosing suitable un-installation software for your system. Firstly, like all other software of the same nature, it provides you with an automatically generated list of programs that are installed on your computer. The one additional feature it offers in this category is that by using the ‘hunter mode’ you can manually look for items that are not displayed on the list generated by the software. Also there are a number of levels and modes that you can select while scanning varying from the ‘safe’ mode that skim scans through files and helps you install files that won’t impact your computer’s stability while the ‘advanced’ mode will dig in deep into your system for installed programs. Also apart from uninstalling programs, Revo can recheck your computer for leftover files and folders of the program such as registry keys and algorithms and remove them as well hence COMPLETELY removing the program. It also offers other options to the user such as Browser cleaning, windows cleaning, MS office cleaner and many others hence making it undoubtedly the best software you can get for the purpose of ridding your computer of unwanted installations.

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