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iGrand Piano for iPad App Review

The iPad has its fair share of music production apps, such as the excellent GarageBand, and provides an effective platform for creating your own musical masterpieces, whether you are an accomplished musician or not. If however it is the piano that appeals to you in particular then you should turn your attention to iGrand Piano for iPad, an app that puts all the finest pianos right under your fingertips. Be warned though, this is one musical app aimed at people who can actually play and skill will be required to get anything out of it.

When it comes to piano or keyboard apps, iGrand Piano is right up there with the best of them because it provides you with not one but 18 individual types of piano, all collected together in one handy app, and they all sound beautiful. iGrand Piano is not the cheapest of apps, with downloads costing $19.99 but if you are an enthusiast then it is worth every penny, especially when you consider that buying each individual piano recreated here in real life would cost thousands.

The sound presented here is worthy of concerts and can be used professionally, including options to record as you play. The sounds of 18 different pianos have all been recreated here with the finest sound quality, in fact they are note-perfect. The keys are represented onscreen while low-latency touch response makes it feel almost like the real thing. However to get the most out of it, you would be better off plugging in a separate MIDI controller so you can play a proper keyboard. With this in mind, this really is one for the serious piano players out there.

Each piano can be customised and adjusted to your liking with an extensive set of controls, so you can play around with the sound and make it your own. Another useful feature is a metronome function, which provides the rhythm to guide you and is shown visually on the screen. An internal recorder is also included so you can capture everything you play and export it as a WAV or M4a file for sharing or further editing with separate software.

The pianos included have all been created by sampling sounds extensively from the real things and the creators have been careful not to mess with them or edit anything out. Part of the pleasure from hearing a real piano is the physical presence of it, such as the way sound reverberates, and no detail has been left out. It is this level of detail that makes it sound so complete and authentic. Of course the sound can be altered at your discretion and you will have a great time seeing what you can come up with.

iGrand Piano is truly something special, although it is only really worth the money if you are a dedicated pianist. It requires a lot of effort from you but if you can play and enjoy doing so, it would be hard to find a better app.

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