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IGG Software Release iBank 4 Beta

IGG Software Release iBank 4 Beta

After months of private testing, IGG Software has released a public beta of iBank 4, a full-version upgrade to its popular money management program for Mac. Following this announcement, all purchases of iBank 3 will include an additional license code for the forthcoming iBank 4. Meanwhile, interested testers can now download iBank public beta 4.0b8 from the IGG website.

“As good as iBank already was,” says IGG Chief Architect James Gillespie, “we knew there was room for improvement. So we took a year of development and two years of customer feedback to deliver an app that would set the new standard for managing your money on a Mac.”

Among dozens of new features and improvements in iBank 4 are a seamless set-up assistant for migrating data from Mac and PC versions of Quicken, MS Money or other finance programs;

a streamlined set-up process for importing transactions from online bank accounts; a cleaner, more intuitive user interface for faster transaction entry and easy monitoring of account balances, net worth, or summaries of assets and liabilities; vastly upgraded investment tracking capabilities; more powerful support for multiple currencies; a more liberal 30-day unlimited trial for new users; and significant speed enhancements throughout.

Features that have been entirely revamped for iBank 4 include:

  • an all-new reporting engine that, for example, lets users examine income and expenses by category, monitor net worth over time, check the performance of investments, analyze spending by payee, compile tax-related information or keep track of debt. Users can customize report data, drill down into that data with a click, save to PDF and print reports as they appear in iBank.
  • a whole new approach to budgeting with envelopes. Users can drag and drop cash from income categories into envelopes representing different types of expenses; see at a glance how much money is available for a particular purchase; move cash between envelopes to balance out surpluses and shortfalls in different categories; carry over extra cash from month to month; and incorporate one-time expenses or bonuses into a budget.
  • a new template system that merges the functionality of memorized transactions, scheduled transactions and smart import rules into one feature. iBank 4 records payees as they are typed in, autofills the same transaction details (including splits) later on, and records changes users make when they download data.
  • iBank 4 learns how users clean up and categorize their imported transactions, and applies those changes to future downloads automatically. Schedules can also be added to templates so that transactions can be posted to users’ accounts on a repeating basis.
  • The iBank 4 public beta can be downloaded from by anyone interested in testing the software. Feedback may be submitted to the IGG iBank 4 Beta Test forum per the instructions outlined on the website.

As with all beta software, IGG warns prospective testers that the available build may be unstable and that normal precautions should be taken to safeguard critical data. Nonetheless, iBank 4 can be run alongside iBank 3 without affecting the pre-existing version or its files. The beta is fully functional through September 30. iBank 4 will ship in September 2010, with an exact date to be announced.

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