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If You Want to Put Your Old Mac For Sale You Should…

If You Want to Put Your Old Mac For Sale You Should…

If you own an old Mac that you want to sell, here are some tips to follow:

Back up

There might be a lot of important data on your system. When you sell it, take care that you have copied all the important stuff. You can back it up on a CD/DVD or a flash drive. If you think all the data is important, then you can back up your complete hard drive. But doing this will take a lot of space. So it is best to back up only selective data.

Deactivate software

There are some applications like iTunes that need all systems to be authorized before you can use the app on them. So deactivate it on that system.


Now that you have backed up your data, you must erase the important stuff from the system you are going to sell away. Make sure there is no personal data on the system. Take the OS X installation disc. Put it in the CD slot and restart the system. Press the C key as system boots up. Once the disc installation starts up, go to Utilities menu and select Disk Utility. You can select hard drive from there and erase it. Since everything will be overwritten, recovery chances will be few.

Reinstall the OS

The OS X disc is in the system, so it is the right time to install it. You just have to run the installer and work will be done automatically.

Clean it up

We all have cookie crumbs and dust particles stuck in our system. When someone buys your computer, it is best that you clean it up. So make sure you open up the system, and use a soft and damp cloth to clean it. Switch off the system before you do it. If you are selling a laptop, you can vacuum its keyboard, or at least turn the device upside down and slightly shake it so that some crumbs drop out.

Summing it up

Alright, after you have followed all the above mentioned steps, you are ready to sell the old Mac off. Let’s hope the next user will take care of your beloved. Let us know if there is any other thing one should do before selling an old Mac.

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