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iCloud Upgrade Costs Released

iCloud Upgrade Costs Released

As you may know today Apple released iCloud for developers.

Also Apple has revealed the price points for extra iCloud storage if needed. As you can see in the image above, Steve Jobs has stuck by his promise and every account comes with 5GB free storage but if that is not enough for you then you will be able to upgrade at an extra cost.

Users will be able to upgrade their account to up to an extra 50GB. storage can be purchased through iOS 5?s settings application.

The best part about iCloud storage is that your Photo Stream images – which stay in the cloud for 30 days and does not take away any memory from you total amount.

UK Price’s

  • 5GB – Free
  • An Extra 10GB – ?14 a year
  • An Extra 20GB – ?28 a year
  • An Extra 50GB – ?70 a year
US Price’s
  • 5GB Free
  • An Extra 10GB – $20
  • An Extra 20GB – $40
  • An Extra 50GB -$100

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