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Google Ads opens up for developers & A Few Others

iCloud opens up for developers & A Few Others

Apple has just launched the iCloud website for developers.

The website is in beta and so is all the new features such as the new web apps for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and more. It now appears that will offer a place for users to view their iWork documents that are stored in the cloud via the new service (iCloud) As well as all of these services and document becoming web based also web based is “Find my iPhone ” as it is integrated as s web application.

The design of the iCloud website looks very IOS /iPad like. Apple have said iCloud is only open for developers as it is in beta but we have had several reports that non developers have been able to access the site and sign in.

we will have a video coming soon.

Tell us your thoughts and have you been able to login by contacting us below

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