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iBooks 3 for iPad App Review

With the iPad Mini about to hit the shelves it comes as no surprise that Apple have updated their excellent iBooks app, just in time to let the new device showcase its small but hi-resolution screen. However while we cannot get our hands on the Mini today, iBooks 3 is already available to download from the App Store and it is completely free so if you like to read and have an iPad, what are you waiting for?

So what does iBooks 3 bring to the iPad that previous versions did not already have? The most notable changes are the scrolling text, purchased books, quote sharing and auto-updating features. iBooks can be read just like regular books, but with the added convenience of them being neatly collected inside a much less cumbersome, thin device. They read in much the same way, with one page displayed at a time and you can flip between them with a simple wipe.

However, the individual pages can also be scrolled up and down if the text does not fit onto the screen. This is much more reminiscent of reading a page of text on a computer screen but apart from that the pages are formatted just like the real thing. Scrolling text is optional though and you can choose to turn it off and squeeze a whole page onto one screen for a more authentic experience. The size of the text will of course affect it but that can be changed too.

A pretty cool feature is the ability to share quotes from your books. All you have to do is highlight the selected text, up to a maximum amount of one whole chapter if you so desire, and you can copy it to emails, Facebook and Twitter, complete with excerpt information. This is a nice little touch if you happen to come across anything quotable and want to show the world. It can also be useful for study if you are reading a relevant text.

Auto-update is an interesting feature that will allow certain books to evolve even after you have read them. This will be most evident with independently published books you have downloaded as many authors like to continue editing or adding to their books even after they are published and sold. With auto-update you will have these changes instantly integrated into the text. On the other hand, online content will not change the book itself but if there is accompanying material online, you will be able to access it through your book.

There are many rival e-book readers on the market but Apple continue to stay ahead of the competition with their great iBooks app. A useful feature is the way your books are synced across all your devices so you don’t have to worry about picking up the wrong one and leaving a book behind when you’re in a hurry. The only real flaw is that there is still no OS X version but it can only be a matter of time. Apart from that, it is perfect.

Apart from that, it is perfect.. is still no OS X version but it can only be a matter of iBooks app. A useful feature i

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