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I love iPhone Post-it Notes

I love iPhone Post-it Notes

There is no getting away from the fact I am a gadget geek. From iPhones to iPads I am hooked on every life enhancing piece of technology. The latest addition to FlixelPix HQ are these stunning iPhone Post-It notes.

The Post-It notes are the very latest in Post-It technology. The screen is stunning and  you don’t even have to hold them a specific way to ensure the best communication. Unlike previous versions there doesn’t seem to be any battery life issue and haven’t witnessed any dropped calls since they arrived. !

Possibly the biggest negative about something as cool as iPhone Post-It notes is if you are a true geek you life is already paperless with every note ending up in Evernote ?

You can see a few more photos of the post-it notes in the flickr set.

You can get your own iPhone Post-it notes over at

Photo Credit : FlixelPix

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