How we test?

We Perform the Most Precise
and Careful Testing

The purpose of Mac Reviews is to aid Mac users in the dilemma of choosing the most suitable software and hardware. Our reviews is the result of hard work in a specially equipped lab. Here we have everything needed for professional testing. In most cases we borrow the materials from the manufacturers. So how do we work?

1. First of all we choose the apps and gadgets to be tested. As a rule, we look out for the most popular and competing products.

2. Then we carefully analyze each product according to several criteria, such as speed, stability,
user-friendliness etc.

3. Finally, we compare the analysis results and pick up the best one.

Our experts employ the newest testing technologies to evaluate the Mac apps and gadgets, but of course it’s up to you to decide which product suits you best.

Software and Online Service Testing Guidelines

To test the software or online service, we install/activate it on a Mac prepared beforehand (for example, the one with the cluttered hard drive) and evaluate it based on various criteria: quality, stability, ease of use, speed, design, overal performance etc. We also compare prices and availability of different nice-to-haves, such as online support or call center. For better efficiency, we use different types of Macs and versions of Mac OS. Please be sure that our test results are completely objective and unbiased!

Hardware and Mobile Testing Guidelines

All hardware and gadgets we review are kindly provided by the manufacturers and returned by us once the tests are made. In rare cases we purchase everything needed for the tests.
We highlight the major criteria of the product quality and test it to define the precise values. In the end of each test we create a total report for each product on which the review is based.

Mac Reviews Lab Guarantees Precise Testing and the Top Quality of its Reviews!