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How to Watch Your Home TV on Your Mac

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If you frequently spend time vegged out in front of the boob tube, you may be looking for additional viewing options for getting your TV fix. Purchasing a new television can be an expensive endeavor, which has led many computer users to use the impressive high-definition screens on their Macs to view content from their cable or dish provider. If you are hoping to connect your TV signal to your Mac, use these steps to start browsing the channels in no time.

Your first step in getting your Mac ready for television is to purchase a TV tuner. The television tuner is what allows your computer to decipher the signal being sent from your cable box. One of the easiest solutions is to purchase a USB tuner, which simply plugs in to any of the USB ports on your Mac. The tuner will likely have the small connector on the end where the TV signal will be plugged in directly.

Once you've purchased a tuner, your next step is to find compatible software that viewing the channels. Just like channel surfing on a traditional television, you will need to have a way to switch from one channel to another. There are several different options available when it comes to selection a compatible software program, all of which will allow you to watch television with ease.

In addition to the basic tuner and software, some users opt to purchase a package that includes both the tuner and software, along with additional features like a remote control. If the package contains a remote control, the tuner will likely take the form of a small box with an infrared sensor, which is needed to understand the commands from the remote. Such packages are a bit more bulky, and thus may not be the best option for those with notebook computers.

If you don't want to use a box tuner, some software programs will allow you to continue using your home remote control to change the channels. Cable television generally requires the use of a television set's remote control, which unfortunately will not work in this manner. For dish users, however, the box used to received the signal comes with its own remote control. With the signal hooked up to your computer via the TV tuner, you can change the channels by simply pointing the remote at the box and changing the channel, much like you would if you were watching the content on your home television set. This is also a useful function for checking guide information about what programs are currently on, and for scheduling digital recording events.

No matter what option you ultimately decide upon, setting up your Mac to read a television signal is a relatively simple procedure. Armed with the right software and hardware solutions, you could be enjoying your favorite show on your computer in a matter of mere minutes. Always remember to verify that any hardware you purchase is compatible with the technology standards in your local area.

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