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How to watch or Record TV on your iMAC

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Technology has been immensely diversified in the recent years. A lot of products in this era have become a reality, which looked wonder at one time. The Apple Inc. is known for producing such classics. The iMAC itself is a great machine, which can now be used for watching and recording TV at the same time.

In order to watch TV on your iMAC system, you need some kind of hardware to catch the digital signals of TV. Further, you may also need software, which can decode the signals and enable them to watch in the computer’s window. Following text will elaborate the procedure:

The Hardware

The hardware you need is a TV Tuner USB stick. Its one end connects in to the USB port of your iMAC machine, while the other end has the antenna to catch the digital TV signals. Your USB drive will act as a connection between your computer and your roof top antenna making your computer act as a TV.

In Australia, Europe and Asia, the TV tuner stick standard is DTT, while in USA its Cable TV and ISDB in Japan and South America. So, you need to buy the USB Tuner stick compatible to your area.

The Software

After connecting the TV Tuner USB stick, you need to download the software. For this, the EyeTV software is the most preferred one in the market. With the help of software assistant in this software, you will easily be able to tune up the channels on your iMAC computer.

Installing the hardware and software properly would then enable you to watch Live TV on your iMAC computer. EyeTV is the optimum solution for both your software and hardware. It can record TV shows, which you can watch later as per your convenience.

Moreover, it also has the feature of skipping advertisements for you. The EyeTV also has its own remote control, but it can also connect with the Apple’s remote. The versions of EyeTV are different for UK, USA and Australia.

It has some more excellent features like you can set fast forward a program by 30 second skip. So, by pressing the fast forward each time will skip 30 seconds forward as set by you and you can also go 2 or 3 seconds behind, in case you miss some part of a program that you were watching.

The iMAC automatically wakes up from the sleep position, if you set it up to record a program and after completion, the system again goes to sleep automatically. That is a WoW feature of EyeTV. This software could also switch on the computer from off state, if you want it to do so.

The IceTV has a subscription for just $99, which you can use to have perfectly up-to-date and detailed information. Further, its package also has an iPhone application that can instruct your computer as when to record a program.

This is just one out of the many exciting features of the Apple machines. For more such articles entailing Apple’s products and features, please log on to to get a closer to accurate insight of the Apple’s world.

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