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How to Upgrade Mac’s System Software

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System software is the soul of any computer system. MAC systems are no different with excellent system software, but with time, they do become obsolete and are replaced with the new ones. The up-gradation of system software on MAC machines affects the behaviour of the machine in terms of the performance of certain processes and programs. Further, they also add new functions and features into existing programs of your MAC computer.

Following is a step by step guide of MAC system software upgrades using different versions of operating system, as the procedure for opening ‘Software Updates’ menu can be different on different OS X versions of the MAC machines:

MAC system software upgrade using OS X 10.3 and above

  1. Click and open the ‘Apple’ Menu.
  2. Open the option of Software Update in the Menu.
  3. In the software update, select the upgrades that you wish to download.
  4. Click on Install.

  • Click ‘Check Now,’ when using version OS X 10. 3.
  • The software update check in OS X 10.5 and above can run automatic updates. These checks normally run in the background and your MAC system prompts you whenever an update is available.

MAC system software upgrade using 10.2.8 and Under

  1. Click and Open the Apple Menu.
  2. Open System Preferences in the Menu.
  3. Choose ‘Software Update’ in the View Menu.
  4. Click ‘Update Now.’
  5. Select your desired items that you wish to install.
  6. After selecting them, click ‘install.’
  7. Then, you will be prompted for your administrator account log in and password. Add the details accordingly.
  8. After that, you will be prompted by your MAC computer to restart your machine. Restart the machine for new upgrades to take affect.

MAC system software upgrades using a standalone installer

  1. Open your web browser in your MAC computer.
  2. Log on to the website of Apple Support Downloads.
  3. Choose the preferred system software update that you wish to install on your MAC computer.
  4. Click download.
  5. After the download is completed, restart your machine for the new system software to take affect.

Tips for system software Upgrades

  • There is a possibility that you do not need some of the system software updates in the software update window. By going into the system preferences in your Apple menu, and there in to ‘Software Updates,’ you can hide these updates.
  • Your software updates can be scheduled by deploying your software update pane. You can set the intervals, after which, you want the system to check for the upgrades. By default, the system search for updates after every 1 week.
  • Use a standalone installer if you wish to install updates on two or more computers. Standalone system installers should also be deployed in case of an update at a later time.

For more such informative guides, please log on to and find a unique world of useful tips and tricks for your MAC machine. No matter what issue you face regarding your MAC machine, just log on to this website and get an instant solution.

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