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How To Take Amazing Firework Photographs With Your iPhone Or iPad

How To Take Amazing Firework Photographs With Your iPhone Or iPad

Fireworks are hard to capture when using the correct photography equipment never mind an iOS device so with today being the 4th Julywe have come up with 4 top tips on how to make sure you get the best possible picture of your firework display out of either your iPhone or iPad.

 Keep Still

The first must do when taking photos of fireworks is to keep your device totally still. You have multiple options when choosing how to do this you can either find a wall to stand your iOS device on or use on of the many Tripod mounts for your iPhone which are available.

Turn Off

when taking images of fireworks since it is dark people automatically go to turn on the flash but to get the best image you must make sure that your flash and also the HDR feature is turned off with in your device

Do Not Zoom

when taking a standard picture with your iOS device you will have noticed that as soon you start to zoom the quality starts dropping off. This is due to the iPhone only being able to do digital zoom.


When using a DSLR the majority of photographers will select a long exposure for shooting fireworks , this proves a problem because Apple has restricted us from manually controlling the camera settings. To do this we need an app named Slow Shutter Cam ( 69p ) this allows us to control the shutter speed on our iOS device. We recommend 1-3 seconds with capture mode set to “Light Trail” and sensitivity at 1/4 but feel free to experiment also this app is not a must.


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